Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most under-discussed topics I have noticed among men (young or old) who come to the pharmacy is erectile dysfunction. It most likely is the social stigma behind it, but today I want to bring it into light and discuss a cost-effective option that millions of men can benefit from. We all know about that blue pill, VIAGRA, and how it expensive it is just to have 1 dose. As astonishing as it may sound, just 1 dose can cost upwards of 80 dollars! Although Viagra has gone generic, the price of 1 dose of the generic is still relatively expensive.

REVATIO, a trademarked drug with the same active ingredient as VIAGRA has been generic for several years. The tablet comes as Sildenafil 20 mg which are very small in size. The highest dose of VIAGRA is 100 mg. With just five tablets costing around $10 dollars, one could save around $70 per 100 mg dose! The medicine does require a prescription, but our staff is ready to help.

Just give us a call today, and we will guide you with the resources you need to capitalize on your needs!

Dr. Ricky Patel, Rph.

Owner, Fountain Valley Medical Center Pharmacy